Do You Know Who You Are?

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Do You Know Who You Are?

Do You Know Who You Are?

History has always been part of the growth of civilization. People are taught the history of the world, including their culture and ancestry. Why is it important to know history?

The origin of things has always been a mystery; but as Christians, the belief is that we all come from an Almighty Creator. The word “creation” is a broad word. Most people think it usually points to the creation of man or the world as we know it. It can also mean the act of making something out of matter that already existed. We all possess that innate desire to make something that no one else has done before. We all want to contribute.

This is why it is  important to know who you are. As spiritual sons and daughters of a loving, merciful and highly creative God, we also possess the same qualities in severed amounts that gives us the potential to be creators like Him. The Father’s goal is to make His children self-sufficient to be able to create and run their own kingdoms that they may also have joy in creation.

The most important thing that we could create would be our own families. It holds the beauty of something that would continue on for generations. It gives us the opportunity to be able to house the bodies of our spiritual brethren, and to be able to guide and direct the lives of those coming down to earth to have a good earthly experience.

Try to remember where you came from. It will give you a clearer definition of what lies ahead of you and what life on earth is actually preparing you for. You are a child of the Creator, therefore, you have the capacity to create something of value.

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