Coping with Trials

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Coping with Trials

Coping with Trials

If you want to start coping with trials. Then you want to read this….Living here on earth is a time of trials and struggle. Until we reach the kingdom of God, we were placed here to do good and complete God’s will. As Christians on earth we experience so many problems day in and day out. What gives us the drive to get through these problems is the Holy Spirit. The big problems become small and it is easier for us to deal with them through our faith. While we are still here on earth, God has used His prophets to guide us and give us direction through personal prophecy. Personal prophecies reveal our strengths and how we can use them to overcome whatever problem we encounter. It also helps us discover our own ways to cope with trials. Everyone copes with trials differently, and yours will be specifically revealed to you through the prophetic word.  Remember that God is a God of solutions. He will not keep you hanging. He wants to help you as you live out your life in this world. By getting your free written prophecy, you are slowly opening yourself up to the possibility of gaining spiritual knowledge. You have the wisdom to solve life’s problems and avoid having to go through struggles again. You will be wiser, holier and stronger as God’s child. You will have the power and ability to choose your own path in life. You no longer need to put up with anything that you think is a waste of time. This is what you want, isn’t it? Speak to a prophet today and see how God speaks to you through His prophetic word.

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