Can you hear when God speaks to you?

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Can you hear when God speaks to you?

Can you hear when God speaks to you?

Most Christian believe that God so love the world and he gave us his only son to save us to free from our sins. It’s true that most Christian are sinners and also the world. God created us because of his love, and to have a happy life. God is around us twenty four hours, we may not see him neither hear his voice but his spirit lives within us since the day that we were born. God was so great even we did not visibly see his face. God’s presence always within us, he never gets tired of loving and caring for us. He let us feel that we are safe to his loving hand and bless us in all our daily needs. A Lot of us must need to know the important lesson on how to hear when God speak to us. The voice of God cannot be hear by any one of us, but it doesn’t mean that God don’t have the voice to speak to us. Many Christian think that God’s voice is heard by an active voice that is thundering from heaven. If that is their thinking God speaks, they will never hear him speak. However, when God came, died on the cross and was resurrected, God was then able to come and live on the inside of us. God’s miraculous grace for everything he has done for us never tells when he was going to speak for us to hear his voice. God speak to us even without hearing his voice, because his actions more than enough to let us feel that he really speak to us. When you feel the spirit of God is in your heart specially in times of joy and sorrows, now you can say that God speaks to you and always with you.

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