Bishop Jordan Explain Visions

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Bishop Jordan Explain Visions

Bishop Jordan Explain Visions

If you are having Visions then you need to read this, Bishop Jordan explains why visions happens what kind of visions. Are you part of the devil army? Visions can take many forms:

  • A disembodied voice speaking to you
  • A powerful emotional experience that does not involve your five senses
  • A visual representation of a person whom you have never met or who has passed on
  • A scene-like scenario that plays out in front of your eyes

A  Visions rarely come when you are rooted exclusively in the conscious world. Your mind filters them out as so much mental baggage. That is why in order to receive God’s communications in this way, it is crucial that you keep an aspect of your mind anchored in the spiritual, blending the rational, logical, time-forward thinking of the conscious mind with the timeless, intuitive nature of the spirit. In this way, you leave yourself open to visions when they arrive. There are several stages you will find yourself passing through when a vision comes: You will wonder if this was a true vision or your mind plays tricks on you. There is a simple test: all visions from God have a purpose and carry a blessing. If a vision seems to be guiding you to new information, then it is real. If it simply plays on your fears or prejudices, it is meaningless. Fill out the Form to receive your Free Personal Prophecy for your Life You will try to understand the vision. I recommend doing the same thing you do with a dream: write down the vision. Then talk to a prophet and discover what the vision is leading you to. If the vision needs to be clarified in a dream, meditate or pray over your vision before you sleep and hold that vision in your mind. That way, God will be able to build on that vision and expand it, giving you further, clearer enlightenment in your dream.

26 “The vision of the evenings and mornings that has been given you is true, but seal up the vision, for it concerns the distant future.”

Daniel 8:26 NIV 

Its Time to Speak to a Prophet of God to Experience Power of Prophecy Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” That speaks volumes about the importance of visions and guidance from God. God is the guiding voice within each of us, granting us the insight and spiritual direction we need to grow into our potential and our futures. Great leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, and spiritual leaders are all open channels to the broadcast of God—the “Godcast”— if you will. A continual flow of vision has helped societies stay on course for a brighter future for thousands of years. Nevertheless, there have been times when vision was impossible to come by, when God, for some reason known only to Him, refused to grant us the gift of His visions. You may still experience that sort of vision shortage in your life from time to time. Remember, our lives come in cycles of seasons and you can be in a season where there is a famine of the Word of God. When you are in such a time, you are without guidance. You need a revelation from God in order to understand the direction for your life and you can’t get it. You have your own mind and reason to work with but our minds live in the present, in the visible. So in essence, you’re trapped in the now without any sense of growth or the future. It’s like you’re going insane. Your Free Prophecy will Help You to Hear God’s Voice This is a frightening time when you’re in it. If you can’t hear God helping you discover what you are supposed to be doing, you’re rudderless. If the condition continued for life then you would be better off dead. Being severed from God’s broadcast is a kind of living hell, where there is no vision, the people perish, and there is no prophetic word. You are perishing. Bishop Jordan has trained prophet that you can speak to concerning your circumstances.
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