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You are never too busy for God, Get Your Bible Prophecy Online

It never to late for your to receive your bible prophecy online. As a Christian it is important to keep God front and center in your life. It is easy to think you are too busy for prayer, devotions or even church on Sundays. However, God cannot be “rescheduled”. Your love and faith for God must remain as unfaltering and focused as his love for you remains. Finding Time for God Faith is something you should not have to think about. It is something that should be strong in your heart and mind and there to assist you in everything you do. Devotions and prayer are the time you spend with God, whereas your faith should be in your heart at all times. You do not need hours for devotions or prayer. As long as the time you spend is undivided and focused you can intensify your faith and love for God with a few moments. You can find a special quiet place to contemplate God’s love for you and how you can become closer to him in your day to day life. You must always find time for God whether it is through prayer before bed, bible readings with the family or devotions every morning. A bible prophecy online can help you find a focus and help you find time for God as you receive your email daily.


Enjoying Time with God You have to not only find time for God in your life, but you must enjoy your time. Imagine the peace of mind and strength of spirit you can gain when you are in tune with God. This is time to meditate on your faith, how you can improve your life and how you can use God’s love to find joy. True followers of Jesus know that faith in God brings true joy into your heart and allows you to carry on through life knowing you will be living a life filled with love and hope. Less Rushing, More Praying You do not want to spend your life rushing without time to stop and enjoy yourself. With too much focus away from God you will take yourself farther and farther away from the path God wants you to follow. When you walk with God you walk at a slower, happier pace unconcerned with rushing and fussing. God’s love gives you focus, happiness and peace of mind, something for which we all have time.

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