Be Strong and Courageous

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Be Strong and Courageous

Be Strong and Courageous

Its about you to Be Strong and Courageous. Time will come that someone may seek your help about a serious problem. Take that as an opportunity to pray for him or her. The greatest gift that you can offer to anybody is your honest prayer. He or she may have a big problem but always remember that we also have a big God. God is bigger than any problem that a person may encounter. Never underestimate God’s power through prayers. God can heal a serious illness, can give abundant provision, can pay for debt, can redeem one person from a grievous sin, can save a life, can repair broken relationships, and many more. God is truly unpredictable; He can do anything. This is what your personal prophecy will reveal to you. Prayers can always make us strong and courageous.God will never leave us especially during the time when we need Him the most.He can always take us out from a difficult situation. The reason why God wants you to pray is because He wants you to know that you can never be alone in life. No matter what kind of situation you may be in. God is omnipresent. God can always fill one’s emptiness. God can make life complete despite of the presence of any difficulty. Always turn to God during a difficult situation.God is the one who can ever make us feel so much loved. God is the tower of strength that we can have in our lives. Speak to a prophet today and receive your free written prophecy by clicking here.  

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