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Be Ready for Prophetic Word

Be Ready for Prophetic Word

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15 KJV

How can you be ready for prophetic words? What are the most essential things in your Christian living? First, being a Christian means hearing straight from God. This is a unique trait of a Christian. When a believer commits himself to Christ, he gave the benefit of speaking to that believer directly. God uses prophets, but when you have a deep relationship with Christ, you are likely to discern his word. You hear God’s voice, and communicating with Him is not at all difficult.

Obeying His commandments are the next thing you need to do in order to be ready for prophetic words. When you are a true-born Christian, then you won’t find obeying His commandments a problem. In fact, it delights you when you follow His lead.  Scripture confirms that by following His commandments, God gives His wisdom and grace.

Indeed, it is always in the Lord’s heart to communicate with his Body, the Church. It is important to personally hear from him. This is the normal pattern of every believer – hearing from God, obeying His commands, and using His wisdom for a successful Christian living.

Why is it important to be ready for prophecies? What is the importance of prophecies? The Lord can speak through prophecy in times when a believer is not hearing God’s voice due to being new in the faith, too emotional in his circumstances, and having doubts with his conviction. Also, prophecies are vital to confirm someone’s faith when it is being put to the test. Moreover, the Lord reveals things about someone’s life, and establishes a connection with that person through prophecies.

How can you tell if you are ready to receive a prophecy? When you are too overwhelmed with the prophecy and you feel not comfortable about it, then maybe you are not yet ready to receive this blessing. But, when you are energized with this word, then this is the perfect time for you to receive and thank God for it.

Your faith is a great contributing factor to your readiness. You have to arm yourself with the grace and power of God for you to be ready of His abundant blessings. God is at work in each and everyone’s life. He has great plans for each one of us. Have faith and be ready for prophetic words.

You can right now receive an accurate free prophecy from Bishop Jordan also known as the Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan. You will receive a free prophecy by email under 48 hours. A personal word of prophecy just for you.

God Bless 


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86 thoughts on “Be Ready for Prophetic Word

  1. Tina Woods says:

    Thank you for a meaningful word. God bless

  2. mwiparodrick says:

    pray for me

  3. munyeta benard says:

    pray for me and my family for deliverance break through and yo know my calling.

  4. pancy says:

    Pray for me and my family

  5. Tina Clarke says:

    Pray for me and my children

  6. meleny says:

    please pray for me and my family it’s like we are under this cloud of death sickness financial trouble and it never ends please people just pray that God can stop this evil circle of destruction

    • Ezekiel says:

      I really need your prayers, even though iam able to communicate with God, I need support from my brothers and sisters like you. Now pray for me that I become strong in the word of God and more effective in serving him.

  7. Rita odonkor says:

    Please pray for me things are getting out of hands please pray for me

  8. Phili says:

    Pls pray for man of god

  9. John N Emmanuel says:

    Pray for me for divine favour of God

  10. SIPHO says:

    Please pray for me I want to start a small business but I don’t have money because am not working thank you

    • DENNICA WARGEM says:

      Yes thankful and marry Xmas to yu propeth of god. PLSE pray for my family to break through in the coming year 2018 .from png. DENNICA WARGEM

  11. Ene Bright chukwuebuka says:

    Hello good day am bright ene ,I am a new partner since February which I have been paying my monthly but I havent get code I am so much worried about it,can you please help me over this .

  12. paul says:

    world leaders should not ignore these prophecies

  13. Thandiwe says:

    I give thanks to the son of god who have given me a light to see where is my success in life.Thank you Lord Jesus!

  14. Thandiwe says:

    I give thanks to the son of god, who have given me the light to see where is my success in life.Thank you, Lord Jesus!

  15. rex says:

    am I will be the pastor or the bishop soon and what is my inheritance.

  16. Motiana Avauli Gago says:

    Hi Prophet of God. My name is Motiana Avauli Gago. I pray to God to show me a way to heal my serious problems in my health. It was only one option is to get healed by you the prophet of God, I watched too many times and wishing to hop on the plane and come straight to see you..My problems are, Sugar diabetes, kidney failure and lungs cancer..please im begging you to pray for me. until I found my fare to come to see you in person..How much is a holy water? please .. thank you man of God..all the best. god bless you and your family. amen snd amen.

    • Angelo says:

      I pray for all hidden sicknesses in myself and in the family to be heals by the heavenly power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name Amen.

  17. phakama says:

    1 nongawuza settlas way cape town langa Mary bushiri need your properties and number my testimony goes like this yesterday i had tonciles and i sprayed the healing water in 1sec the tonciles were gone then today my knees were sore so i sprayed the healing water again in2 min the pain was gone thank you Mary bushiri and I will always luv u I’m 8yrs

    • alina miya says:

      i know I am very very sick and did not go to the doctor because i don’t have money my
      husband and i
      are not working, please pray for me to be heald is 2:26 am still in pain

  18. allert dikhutso says:

    I need you to prophesy on my life,heal me and give answer to which course to choose at tertiary level

  19. Maria says:

    Send my personal phrophecy

  20. Asubisah Stephen says:

    Good morning prophet
    Pls I know you’re from God
    I have been following you for long
    I have problem and I won’t to meet you one and one,pls will it be possible to day 14/5/2017 at church service/kenyasi adwumamum
    Stephen asubisah from atwima Trabuom/Kumasi
    God bless

  21. Keneilwe says:

    Pray for me please in jesus name.amen

  22. grace says:

    please pray for my marriage which is falling apart, knowledge for my two kids in class, a job good health

  23. Please God hill my father and bless me in my business and bless my family and the man of god in jesus name aman.

  24. tanyaradzwa says:

    i want to pass and change all my bad attitudes and l need more blessings upon me and my family

  25. Olajide bamisaye says:

    Pray for me concerning my relationship.

  26. francesca baswabile tlhakanye says:

    I need change in my life major 1 of god

  27. Gobakwang kepu says:

    I need a prohecy

  28. Benjamin Gnanamuthu says:

    Awaiting reply for my request

  29. mokgadi says:

    Pray for my fiancee he is now addmitted from the hospital.

  30. ayamda says:

    I need a prophecy

  31. Priscilla says:

    Please I’m asking for favour on my education,and my relationship.

  32. Mandisa Liwani says:

    My husband and my son are accusing one another, my son told me that his father is working for dark world he hates him soo much,and my husband dont like his son.
    I need help bcs I’m in the middle what can I do?

  33. stephano says:

    Prophecy me about my life

  34. stephano says:

    Prayer my relaship i need open bacause my girfrnd is block me

  35. princess says:

    hlw may u prophecy about my relationshi,what role do i have to play at church



  37. Mikateko Malule ke says:

    I need prayers

  38. Eileen Johnson says:

    In a faith walk more than ever

  39. johana says:

    Please pray for me and my family

  40. Herbert madubula says:

    Pray for me an also my girlfriend….take more of me an give more for you amen……

  41. thabiso says:


  42. Tebogo says:

    Pray for me to find my father who left me when I was still a child

    • Sandra Atkinson says:

      Please pray for me and thank u for the prophecy over my life I found it to be true .I want to live for God I want to be holy to live in holiness old pray for me that I may receive the holy spirit in Jesus name.

  43. Serobi Molete says:

    Please pray for me for breakthrough

  44. munashe says:

    l nid a prophecy end l want ma career of music to grow grow grow l wanna be a femous artist

  45. pinky kabelo says:

    Please man of god i need you to prophecy my entire life because the demon is destroying me

  46. Man of God pray for me am HIV positive, Some grand daughter Prisca is being followed by satanist, My son has a spirit of rejection from the women he has children with, My grand daughter Aka has low blood especially after menstruation

  47. Ethel says:

    Pliz prayer for me ..I need your prayers

  48. Hilda says:

    praise the Lord prophet,..pray and prophecy over my life.I’m a single lady of one boy ànd I love the desire is the Lord to open doors to enable me to work in either Canada or Australia,.and also to bless me with a God fearing faithful loving man to share my life with.I believe his promises are yes and Amen. May God continually bless you.

  49. Kossi balogou says:

    Pray for me i need BREAKTHROUGH in Every area of my life in jesus name

  50. Hayford Koffie says:

    I want God’s mercy, favour breakthroughs in my life.

  51. Hayford Koffie says:

    I want God’s favor, mercy breakthroughs in my life.

  52. antonio olaybar says:

    i want to be loved
    and i do pray that i could have a house and lot of my own….. please pray for me and now i’afraid if i go home for our company is not as good as before.
    lord help me i need you!

  53. Socorro castro says:

    I pray to god thru his son Jesus Christ for Good health to all members of my family and asked God for a successful, victoriuos and fruitful job and financial abundance.

  54. Plz pray for my sickness God. Amen.

  55. ashton anthony w says:

    Please Lord, Im am lost, i cant find strength to do what i feel i should and can. i feel blind and deny seeing, help me give more, i have failed short badly. i will keep trying, i cant do it all, I havent done much, let whatever i may have find its right place as quickly as possible in your name, help me earn forgiveness. or make best of my bad, help me make it to church more, ive always denied it, though when i have gone i see people open in a good light i could see but struggle to know.

  56. Neo Alex Magakoe says:

    Please pray for me for: for phrophecy & revalation a pon my life.

  57. Yacob Araya says:

    Plz pray for me and my family the process for Canada immigrants to be success and the group 5 sponsorship will do in behalf of me without delaying,,longing. Thank you.

  58. mary says:

    Hi I need prayers for my family

  59. Faith. NJuguna says:

    Hey man of God pray for ad my family an in kenya but earning peanut a i have for kids my hubby has no sutable job pray for my son she is always witb different ladies ad be is twenty years my daugther who is in University ad has spiritual de.ons following him my husband like to watch pornography vedios ad i want to start a new job ad a. Financially down may our heavenly father use u to see all of my life ad intervine

  60. T Samuel says:

    Hi please pray for my entire family. Has we have been stuck with lot of problems. Pray that we come out all the problems we have in our entire family.
    Waiting for a miracle

  61. Danny Gray says:

    Hey Manasseh Jordan I’ve been dealing with y’all 4 a long time and I haven’t received any of my blessings now that since we lost contact I’ve been through a lot and people try to drag me down when I was always good to them could you please pray for me and my family that we make it through everything that the bad man is try to bring to us in the month of December. Was the worst time of my life ever at the age of 36 only God knows the truth about the situations that I went through that’s wrong for a friend of mines to do to me like that .now that I’m down and out people don’t look at me the same but it’s okay I know God got my back please send a blessing to me and my family and pray for us thank you and have a blessed day aman

  62. Anu bhambhani says:

    I have send my name for personal prophecy but I haven’t received yet. Thank you. My name is anu bhambhani .



  64. Franciscar says:

    Thanks so much, I ll be waiting for my prophecy

  65. rosemarie barro says:

    pls forward the result of my prophecy.. thank you..

  66. Sandra Atkinson says:

    Please pray for me an thank u for the words of prophecy over my life I found it to be true thank u I want to be a true child of God I want to live holy I need the holy spirit old pray that I receive it in Jesus name.

  67. Nthabiseng says:

    Please prophet pray for my husband to get a job its almost2years we are both unemployed hes always drinking alcohol this thing of not working have change him because we’ve lost everything that we have we are struggling and we need to take care of our kids

  68. Moeketsi Libe says:

    Pray for me and prophecy me

  69. Moses S Kumar says:

    Please pray for me let me know the prophetic word of of our Lord God about my marriage, future and the ministry.

  70. Emily says:

    hi please pray for my boyfriends family especially his brother who is in hospital please pray for him to healed I think it’s too much for my boyfriend as he is a breadwinner please pray for his strength
    thank you

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