Are you ready to Accept Jesus as your Personal Savior?

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Are you ready to Accept Jesus as your Personal Savior?

Are you ready to Accept Jesus as your Personal Savior?

What have you been doing with your life? Are you happy with where your life stands at the moment? It is easy for us to go through life day to day without giving it much consideration. You may find you feel emptiness inside but are uncertain how to fill it. This is a perfect sign you are ready to accept Jesus as your personal savior. A Free Christian Prophecy can help you see how Jesus can be there for you and teach you how to find more fulfillment in life from your career to your relationships. Life is not intended to be a rat race. God did not put us here on earth to suffer. God provided us with life and a beautiful world to enjoy. It is up to each individual to create their own Eden here on earth. God has given us free will but most of us do not use it as he would hope. When you accept Jesus as your personal savior you will remember why God sent Jesus down to walk among us on earth. You will realize what a sacrifice he made and how much he loves us. Jesus taught us important lessons but not all of us are lucky enough to share them and listen to their messages. With a free Christian prophecy you will receive a gift of enlightenment that will allow you to open your heart and receive God’s love. The Lord is always with you but you have to turn and see him in order to receive his gifts. If you are in a room with someone but do not smile at them and greet them they will not know you are open to receiving them into your life. It is the same with Jesus. He is standing in your heart reaching out his hand. All you have to do is take it and walk with him There will never be a greater sacrifice than the one Jesus made for you. You will be able to have stronger relationships, be a better parent, co-worker and partner when you walk with Jesus in your heart. Because Jesus is pure love that pure love will be seen by everyone you meet when you have accepted Jesus as your personal savior.

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