Are We Addicted to Personal Prophecy?

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Are We Addicted to Personal Prophecy?

Are We Addicted to Personal Prophecy?

Do we find our self submitting a request for personal prophecy every day or every week? Have we notice that we still have questions afterwards or we are more confused after all these prophecies then we were when we first started out? When we do encounter a true prophet, it is amazing how someone we have never met before can know that much about our self and our life. But keep in mind; it is not the prophet that knows about us, it is God. Requesting several prophecies at once and receiving them from either a number of prophetic websites or prophets can bring confusion. When we experience this confusion we is usual prompted to put in another request instead of taking the initial word we receive to God in prayer and waiting on confirmation or the prophetic words to manifest within our life. Then we also have the false prophet in the mix which can distort all the other words we receive. Bishop Jordan said that to prevent ALL confusion would be just to seek God our self. There should be no separation between us and God and if there is, then the question to a prophet should be what the separation is and how do we get back to hearing God our self. It is much more rewarding and the message is much more defined when it is just us and God talking together. Bishop Jordan is not saying that this will make us a prophet, he clearly saying that everyone should be able to have a close and intimate relationship with God without always having to consult a prophet first. Because God has said over and over throughout scripture to seek Him first, seek the kingdom first. If we are seeking a prophet first then we are seeking man first and it really defeats the purpose of power that all of us have access to by being a heir to the kingdom. “ For the prophecy came out not in old time by the will of man; but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.” (2 Peter 1:21)

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One thought on “Are We Addicted to Personal Prophecy?

  1. Nathan Jehoma says:

    How do I seek his face what do I do so I no I am seeking the Lord face help me so I can received him as my Lord my God an salvation HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP

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