Admitting our Sins

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Admitting our Sins

Admitting our Sins

“When you are guilty, immediately confess the sin that you’ve committed and bring as your penalty to God for the sin you have committed a female lamb or goat from the flock for an Absolution-Offering.” (Leviticus 5:5-6)

In the Bible, it is encouraged that we admit to our sins and confess these. This is especially pronounced in Leviticus 5:5, which reads:

“When anyone becomes aware that they are guilty in any of these matters, they must confess in what way they have sinned.”

The Hebrews were initially unaware of their sinful ways. It took some time before they had truly understood the new laws given to them by God. Because of this, they were often ignorant about their sins. However, God commanded in the Account of Sins Requiring a Guilt Offering that once one is made aware of a sin, he or she is to confess.

The account tells us that not only must we admit our weaknesses and sins to ourselves, but also to others as well.

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