According to Prophecy, You Don’t Lack Anything

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According to Prophecy, You Don’t Lack Anything

According to Prophecy, You Don’t Lack Anything

Do you have plenty of needs? Do you feel as though they are not being met at the moment? That is nonsense. If you are a believer in God and you have a relationship with Him, you should have everything that you need. This is what your personal prophecy reveals to you. Whatever you need is on the inside of you. God sent you to earth with the provision that you need. However, many people fail to see their provision or fail to grab hold of the provision and choose to believe the lie, choose to believe otherness, choose to believe that they are in lack, and as a result become weighted down. Matter is heavy and will weigh you down. Earth is a planet of matter. Earth is a planet of gravity. Earth is always trying to keep you earthbound. We are spirit locked into these coats of skin, and sometimes you become so weighted down, so heavily burdened down until Spirit cannot have its true expression in your life. However, there is an assignment locked in you, there is purpose locked inside of you, there is greatness locked inside of you, and you must seek to find and understand your assignment. Click here find out the greatness that God has already put inside of you. Receive your free written prophecy today.  

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