A Lack of Faith in Prophecy

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A Lack of Faith in Prophecy

A Lack of Faith in Prophecy

Have you tried to speak to a prophet? Or receive your personal prophecy? Some Christians have already received their prophecy and yet haven’t made the most out of it because they lack the spirituality. The prophet may say, “I see money all around you. I see you walking in great wealth,” but you will not be able to see it with your physical eye. If you do not look with your spiritual eye you will miss out on what the prophet is seeing for your life. The scripture tells us to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Can you see a spirit with your natural eyes? No. What makes you think that you are going to see your wealth through your natural eyes? If the prophet sees real estate in your future and you fail to receive the prophetic word because you don’t see it with your two physical eyes, you will negate the prophetic word for your life and destroy your assignment. The scripture says, “Believe the prophet so shall ye prosper.” (2 Chronicles 20:20) When you lack faith, you will never see your prophecy come to life. Click here and speak to the Company of Prophets and start believing that your personal prophecy will manifest in your life.

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