A Heart That Obeys

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A Heart That Obeys

A Heart That Obeys

In the account of Noah and the flood, God forewarned about the destruction of the earth. He told Noah about the flood. He instructed him about the ark that he was to build. God gave specific instructions as to how he was to build the ark. This shows just how God is a God of order and excellence. He gave Noah calculated instructions as to how he was to build the ark. Prophets need to have a heart that was willing to obey. At the same time, prophets need to have a humble heart. In the passage above, a proud heart would have said, “God is micro-managing everything. What a control freak!” A person who cannot humble himself before God will question “Why this length?”
“Why that wood?”
“Why do we need to have an opening in the upper deck?” “Why three levels?”
“Why not bigger?” Do you question God’s commands? Or do you obey Him without question? Get your free prophecy and learn more about God’s commands and desires for your life in order for you to know His plans for you. CLICK HERE!

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