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Personal Prophecy

Personal Prophecy

Personal prophecy is discovering God’s Word for you and finding answers through it. There are times when we feel insecure and unconfident with the things that we are doing in life. We feel as though life will not get better for us. Personal prophecy guides and helps us become the person that God has always intended us to be.  It is the truth that has been there all along, just waiting to be revealed. Finding your prophetic voice will require you to discover God’s voice in creation. He wants to be your voice. Let God speak through you. Let Him do the work so you don’t have to. Everything was established in the very beginning. You can take the beginning and use the principles set forth in the beginning to determine how everything should be, and also how your end will be. Personal prophecy will help you in your personal struggles, answering problems that you have been going through. This is different from other prophetic words because it helps you in the deepest and most intimate aspects of your life. Everything is in the power of your mind. You are your own answer. And, all of the answers to life now and forever, rest within you Prophecy can change your life completely through the unearthing of God’s will for you. You will finally find direction, peace and confidence in yourself like never before. If you feel like the world is working against you and things are not going as planned, having your personal prophecy will change all that. Gain better control of your life and make things work the way you want them to. Claim your personal prophecy today. CLICK HERE.

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16 thoughts on “Personal Prophecy

  1. Johannes says:

    I need parmanent job with good salary at b2gold main Namibia plz

  2. Cephas Kazhinga says:

    please I need total deliverance from man of God, God of major one who is present at all time and ready to take away all my stresses. I have no silver or gold that can bring me there but my spirit is always there please help me the lion of JUDA.
    am from Zambia.(mwinilunga district in north-western province.)

  3. Joseph says:


  4. Khanyisa says:

    Dear god I’m your child I want you to change my situation right now ,I pray for my family please deliver them

  5. moses situma says:

    Im happy to get the man of god in this system,please i want the man of god to pray for so that to get more money of establishment of my plans which i have with my wife.please.

  6. erick says:

    Amen i waiting my prophecy

  7. Jannatun Niema Purbita says:

    I want to become a most beautiful rich and intelligent person

  8. Richard Dwomoh says:

    Grant me heavenly wisdom and change my financial situation. Help me stand firm in my Christianity.

  9. Angela Anderson says:

    I’m praying that the Wil strengthen my heart I been going through some mental abuse with my husband I love him but he doesn’t feel the same about his me his wife so I’m just praying that the Lord will move all emotional feelings that I have for him what I’m trying to do now is love myself and make myself happy

  10. OBED SSEKAMBWE says:

    Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan and Pastor Debra Jordan, May the Almighty Highest GOD give you more Annointing! Amen.

  11. khanyisa says:

    Father please heal my family and protect them from callings,amd family break through

  12. sunny isaac says:

    i want GOD DIRECTION

  13. Leah says:

    MY contract ended last month.I am a Single Mother of Two kids whom depend on me..
    I Do Not Know How I will Pay Rent or Fees of My Children Neither knows how I will put food on the Table..

    Help me Find A Better Paying Job.

  14. carmen says:

    Please I need god everyday and today I want god to change my life I struggled everyday I have to many problems and too deep in debts I can’t provide my children properly

  15. Jessica Thomas says:

    I don’t know lord, but have mercy on all our souls. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

  16. Jaya Kumari says:

    Free. Prophecy i need how can get

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